Dream Milano  offers various services. These start before you even arrive in Milan, with remote exchanges to understand your needs. You can choose from several packages. These range from the "Easy Way" package that includes basic crucial services, such as finding an apartment and doing bureaucracy processes, to the more playful one "Easy Life", which includes all the cultural, sports and well-being-related services for your family.

To give you a simple overview, the services offered have been grouped into four categories: before you move "Dreaming of Milan", your arrival "The arrival in Milan", your daily life in this new city "Life in Milan" and your departure "Bye Bye Milan". In each category, you will find the services we offer. If you can think of something that doesn't appear on the website, just ask us. Dream Milano is here to help you have the best experience possible. We are happy to fulfill your wishes. Consider Easy Plus, the last package, that includes services linked to the moving process to Milan.

Dreaming Milan
Arrival in Milan
Life in Milan
GoodBye Milan
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