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A French girl in Milan
Marion Pizzato
My Proposal

My objective is to fully help the newcomers and simplify their arrival. The services I offer are numerous, and their selection can range from the full package to a custom package, based on your needs.

I arrived in Italy, 20 years ago (I'am daughter of an expat) where I finished my high school education at the French High school Stendhal, before graduating in Economy at the University Luigi Bocconi of Milan. For 10 years now, I have been doing marketing in the cosmetic sector.

My Route

At the end of my studies I was convinced I would to France. I eventually didn't, because I found in Italy love and built incredibile friendships. I am also a happy mom of 2 small Italian-French children.

Knowing very well the city of Milan and the Italian culture, I often help my friends and colleagues understand how everything works here and what needs to be done when moving to Milan? This is the reason why today I wonder, why not turn this expertise of mine into a job?

I was able to notice, during all these years how difficult it is, for those who don't speak Italian and don't know the insights of the Italian administration, to understand where to start. Arriving in a new country often is a source of stress and worries when really it should only be enjoyment and curiosity!

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