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If you are planning to stay in Italy for a long period of time, you should consider enrolling in an Italian course to learn the local language.


Italian Gastronomy

Discover Italian gastronomy in different ways:

  • Walk in a market! A forenoon at one of the Milanese market is fundamental to discover and understand local products and their name in Italian.

  • Visit the supermarket! Where you can buy food on a daily basis or find more particular items.

  • Take a cooking class (also available from home) to learn, for instance, how to prepare a traditional pasta dish!

For you Gentlemen


Do you practice tennis and are looking for a club where you can have a good time in Milan? A fitness center with a swimming pool? A club to play the famous Italian calcetto? 

Worry not! Dream Milano relocation will have an answer for all your wishes. Why not even take advantage of your stay in Milan to get a subscription to one of the 2 Milanese teams, Inter or Ac Milan?


Milano city of Art


Enjoy the rich cultural scenethat Milan has to offer and make sure not to miss any events through a subscription to our monthly newsletter presenting of the exhibitions proposed in the city (also for children)!

Happy Hour

Happy Hour

Once a month, a Happy, Hour devoted to the new expats, is organized to help you to meet new people and create a social community. It also makes a great opportunity to discover the famous locations Glamour&Fashion of our beautiful Milano!

Discover Milan Relocation

Milano for children

The first thing that needs to be done for your children is to choose their school and enroll them in it!
After we have registered your children to the school you selected, we can think about their extracurricular activities (sport, music, art...).
Finally, we can help you find a baby-sitter to take care of the kids while you are on getaways, experiencing the Italian Dolce Vita!

For you Ladies


You left your job to follow your husband, your children are at school and you would like to find something to do? Yoga, Pilates, tennis, gym, art classes ... just let us know and Dream Milano relocation will find it for you!

In addition to helping you meet other women who also just arrived in Milan, a Dream Milano Caffe will be organized every two weeks!

It consists in a delicious breakfast with "Capuccino & Brioche" in a typical Milanese bar.

Useful Informations


All the important numbers and other useful information to known, such as:

  • Hospitals in Milan

  • Atm transports (subway, tram, bus)

  • Cars, scooter and bike rent

  • Railway stations in Milan

  • Transport for Malpensa and Linate Airport

  • Services of house's personal

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