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In the heart of the “fuorisalone” with an expert!

Dernière mise à jour : 20 août 2019

After years and years to see the fuorisalone from afar and with the eyes of those who think that’s an event only for professionals or design experts, I change my mind and ask my dear friend Giulia Gasperini to let me enter in the wonderful world of Design Milan Week.

Giulia is one of the organizers of the “Brera Design District” team and and I would like to share this wonderful experience with you.

Before showing you the most interesting events I'll explain, for those who don't know, what is the Fuorisalone.

Fuorisalone means the set of events distributed in different areas of Milan that take place at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, which is staged in the pavilions of Rho Fiera. Every year, in April, Fuorisalone and Salone define Milan Design Week, the most important event in the world for design.

It was born spontaneously in the early 1980s by the will of companies active in the furniture and industrial design sector. During the Fuorisalone the design invades Milan. The city becomes the stage for installations, parties, events, all in the name of design, with more than a thousand events in 7 days, scattered throughout the city., the official platform, and the magazine Interni which created the first guide of all events and exhibitors in 1991 still represent the two main authors and representatives of this great event.

The event has begun to attract thousands of visitors from all over the world and has become a creative showcase for both emerging and established design and architecture studios.

Like Italian design, the Fuorisalone does not have a precise geographical location: the design has spread throughout the city of Milan in a capillary way. The events are mainly located in the showrooms of the participating companies, which are scattered throughout the city. However, there are some neighborhoods in Milan that have played a leading role during the history of the Fuorisalone, becoming true icons.

In order of importance we find:

Brera Design District, Durini Area, Tortona Area, Lambrate Design District, Central Ventura, 5ways, Sant’Ambrogio, Steam Factory, Milan Triennale, and many others.

The real beauty of the Fuorisalone is, in addition to seeing the wonderful installations, discover and visit locations and buildings, closed to the public during the year. Palazzo Clerici, Cusani, Serbelloni, Isimbardi, Botanical Garden and Academy of Brera, Palazzo Litta, historic and artist residences.

For this 2019 edition, there are around 1300 events in the city of Milan.

To not lose yourself in the jungle of events, discover the mini guides and the Best of Fuorisalone selection on the official website

On this site you will also find the list of parties organized in the city, the ranking of the unmissable installations and all the photos and live events.

Moreover, if like me you want to make a “tour” under the supervision of an expert of the Fuorisalone, Dream Milano will put you in contact with the experts of the sector for a pleasant walk and a surprising vision of Milan.

Here are the most special photos made in my Design Immersion!

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